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Sabrina is incredible! She is patient, generous, intuitive, and, of course, wonderfully talented and hilarious — all the things one could want from a great voice teacher. She has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and have FUN in your lessons, while teaching you the proper techniques and exercises to help find your most full voice. I only wish Sabrina was also a personal trainer, because if she made exercising that enjoyable, I’d have an 8 pack. That was a bad analogy, but I hope you get the gist. Sabrina rocks!!
— Julia Mattison
Sabrina knows how to teach.  She is an expert in her field and wants her students to be at their best.  I’ve trained with Sabrina for over ten years and she consistently encourages me to grow and be myself. Singing is a vulnerable act and it is rare to find someone as perceptive, supportive and focused as Ms. Sabrina Learman.  I continue to travel back from NYC to study with her.  Work with her if you are ready to work hard with one of the most respectful and respected professionals in the arts.
— Sam Dash
I started coaching with Sabrina when I was 12 years old and still return to her – ten years later, as a working actress – for voice lessons, inspiration and professional guidance. She epitomizes the philosophy of “tough love,” encouraging you at every stage, while insisting that you step outside of your comfort zone to realize your fullest potential. Sabrina has aided my career and vocal development in incalculable ways – saving me from a near brush with nodules through her knowledge of vocal health, strengthening both my belt and mix voices, and helping me to get cast in – and prepare for – leading roles at the Berkshire Theatre Festival and Off-Broadway. Most importantly, however, she has transformed me from an “actor-who-sings” into someone who is proud to call myself a singer. As she is a trusted teacher, mentor and friend, I would recommend Sabrina to anyone who asks.
— Anya Whelan-Smith
There are music teachers who teach great musicianship, and music teachers who make music fun. Sabrina is one of those rare music teachers who expertly pull off both. My daughter has learned a great deal from her — and has loved it. Every one of Sabrina’s recitals has left my wife and me wishing they were twice as long. The students are a joy to listen to, and it’s clear that Sabrina brings out the best in them — with pieces that challenge and stretch them, while reflecting and drawing out their individual personalities and styles. I wish I could sing, so I could take voice lessons with her.
— Marc Goodheart
sabrina?  where do we begin?  an absolute breath of fresh air.  after many years of working under an air of superiority with various children’s theater directors, our son is blossoming from the skillful guidance of sabrina.  she seems to genuinely love her students and takes great measures to meet them as her contemporaries.  makes all the difference!  we are so grateful to New England Conservatory for establishing this musical theater program at the prep and for recruiting ms. learman to share her talents.
— Susan Currie
I have had the pleasure of directing several of Sabrina’s students in theatrical productions, and thanks to her instruction they stand out every time. Sabrina trains performers who have exceptional vocal technique and musicianship. Her students come to every audition and rehearsal with the skills to tackle the most challenging roles, and give outstanding performances. Just as important, Sabrina is a dedicated, warm and committed teacher who instills in her students a passion for excellence and an appreciation for the reward that comes from hard work. Under her guidance, I have watched many students flourish as talented artists, and grow into mature, responsible, self-actualized individuals. Every young artist should be lucky enough to get to work with someone like Sabrina.
— Ezra Flam, Freelance Teaching Artist & Director
If you’re in Boston and you want to learn the most about kindness, the value of tough love and, of course, vocal technique, study with this BRILLIANT teacher!!!
— Claire Kaiser
I have studied with Sabrina for five years now, and during that time, I have grown immensely as both a singer and a person. Sabrina has helped me develop my voice truly from the ground up; her helpful technical suggestions, creative and hilarious imagery, and can-do attitude were all essential as I navigated the mind-boggling journey of learning how to sing. Now I am pursuing my dream of becoming an opera singer, and my favorite hour of the week is my voice lesson - a time when my mind is still continuously stretched to new limits, thanks to Sabrina’s commitment to seeking excellence from me. She settles for nothing short of the best I can do. Through my voice lessons, Sabrina has taught me invaluable life lessons for which I am deeply grateful, as they will help me at every stage of my life and my musical journey.
— Hailey McAvoy
Sabrina is such a wonderful teacher! Not only does she know her stuff, but she is able to teach technique in a personal and easy-to-digest manner.  Throughout the 3 years I studied with her, my voice grew exponentially and she helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue a career in musical theatre in New York. She has an enormous amount of patience and is very invested in each of her students and their growth.
— Vanessa Moyen
As music director, with Sabrina Learman as vocal coach, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to watch her work one-on-one with students.  Sabrina is especially talented working with teenagers.  She gives students numerous strategies to try while keeping the mood light and safe.  She treats her students with respect and gives them the confidence to take risks.  Sabrina is a talented singer and a skilled, knowledgeable teacher.  I have recommended her to many students in the past, and I believe any student will be the better for working with her.
— Mica Richards Moellering, Music Director at Artbarn Community Theater
Sabrina is so wonderful because she is determined to find new ways to work with her students. Regardless of voice type, she has individual warm ups, advice and techniques to fit different voices and learning styles. If I am not able to get something right away, she is able to explain it to me in five different ways so I can understand. She caters to the individual person, which I greatly appreciate.
— Danielle Bowen
I have had the pleasure of observing Sabrina Learman in masterclass settings for high school singers. A first-rate singer herself, Sabrina helps to instill within her students a solid sense of musicianship. Her positive, physical approach and encouraging words help to build confidence in singers and help them connect to the music they are singing. She always seems to know what to say to get at the heart of what the students need. She is creative in her approach, unfailingly positive, and she gets wonderful results in a short period of time. I am always impressed with her work.
— Pamela Mindell, DMA, Artistic Director, Hotchkiss Summer Portals, Vocal Chamber Music Program
Sabrina is a wonderful teacher and mentor. Her work with our son has helped him immensely to mature, both as a singer-performer and as a person. Sabrina combines rigorous training and enthusiastic support in just the right proportions to allow young performers to realize their full potential. Her students, and her students’ families, are extraordinarily lucky to have her in their lives.
— Jeff Frieden and Anabela Costa
When I first came to Sabrina I had had no formal voice training, so we started with the basics. She was incredibly patient and sensitive to exactly what I needed as a singer. Sabrina gave me the skills and confidence to audition for professional musicals, and with her help I was recently cast as Rolf in NCCA Papermill Theatre’s production of “The Sound of Music.” I recommend her to anyone I can and am always looking forward to our next lesson!
— Joseph Freeman
Sabrina Learman is a loving and disciplined teacher. She is a voice technician who teaches with specificity, simplicity, and an ease that helps students grow quickly. Personally, Sabrina is both a friend and a teacher for me. She has changed my life, as well as my vocal technique, for the better. I am proud to be Sabrina Learman’s student and to know the role she played in earning my BFA in musical theatre.
— Anna Baker
I have been very impressed with the quality of Sabrina’s students over the years. She is clearly doing something right!
— Michael Driscoll, Director of Choirs, Brookline High School, MA