The Boston Globe

“…the truth and naturalness of her [Sabrina Learman] voice made a powerful effect…”

“Sabrina Learman’s lustrous soprano provided the saving interest.”

“Sabrina Learman’s fervency and pretty ornaments graced the aria Ich will dir mein Herze schenken.”

“Gleaming soprano Sabrina Learman...”

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“...we got a dramatically powerful performance...”

The Cape Cod Times

“Ms. Learman’s Gretel was believable and warmly endearing.”

The Hippo Press

“With soprano Sabrina Learman throwing herself thoroughly into the spirit of the piece, the richly detailed music worked on all levels, but was especially effective in capturing the sometimes paradoxical mood of the words.”

“Soprano soloist Learman gave this her all as well, filling the...auditorium with a big sound that helped the piece spring to life...”

The South End News

"Their return [from intermission] was rewarded with Charles Ives' songs sung by soprano Sabrina Learman, whose theatrical adaptations brought the words to life, provoking vivid images…”

Bay Windows

"Poker-faced soprano Sabrina Learman navigated Wyner's jagged leaps and swooping vocal lines with aplomb…”

“Soprano Sabina Learman brought a straightforward, effective dramatic quality to Larsen's ‘Songs from Letters’…Learman's adept vocal quality was given nuanced support…in this warm and compelling performance."

" undulating summer landscape, with the soaring span of the melodic lines and the pliant harmonic motion conveyed by Sabrina Learman…"

Stylus Magazine

“Learman’s singing was a beautifully modulated performance, one of the high points in the concert.”